City Profiles

Faridabad – The City of Industries

Faridabad is located in northern India within the state of Haryana. It is about 284 km to the south of the state capital, Chandigarh, and is part of the National Capital Region, being about 32 km to the south of Delhi. It is the largest and most populous city in Haryana with a total population of 1,404,653. The town is bound on the north by the state of Delhi, on the east by Agra and the Gurgaon canals and on the west by the Aravalli Hills. The river Yamuna flows on the northern side of the city and moves away as it flows southward.

Faridabad is the most industrialized city in the state of Haryana. It alone generates about 60 percent of state revenues. There are about 15,000 small, medium and large industries in this area providing direct and indirect employment to nearly half a million people. It is ranked ninth amongst the largest industrial estates in Asia. 

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Udaipur – The City of Lakes

Udaipur is located in northwest India, within the state of Rajasthan. It is spread over 64 sq km, about 430 km to the south of the state capital, Jaipur and about 670 km to the south of Delhi. It is the sixth largest city in Rajasthan and has a total population of 495,759.

Udaipur, the ‘city of lakes’, is known for its picturesque surroundings and royal past. This historical city’s rich architectural heritage and beautiful lakes attract large numbers of visitors. It has a high floating population consisting mainly of tourists. Data available shows that about one million tourists visit the city annually, of which about 22 percent are foreigners.

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Mysore – The City of Palaces

Mysore is located in southwest India, within the state of Karnataka. It is spread over 128 sq km about 135 km to the southwest of the state capital, Bengaluru. It is the second largest city in Karnataka and has a total population of 893,062.

It is a tourist and heritage centre; and, an important educational, commercial and administrative hub. The famous Mysore Palace attracts many tourists. Domestic tourism statistics for the state of Karnataka last reported that over 1.4 million tourists visit Mysore annually, and this includes about 43,000 foreigners.

Mysore is also famous for its silk industry, sandalwood and Mallige (Jasmine flower). Mysore has multiple industrial zones such as Hebbal, Metagalli, Belagola, Belavadi and Hootagalli. It is also being developed as the second information technology hub in the state, after Bengaluru.

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