Program Benefits:

The IHUWASH Accelerator works with the city governments of Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur to identify and support high impact market-based WASH innovations for India’s pressing urban WASH problems. The program over a 7 to 12 month period will help the selected innovations to get focused support from city governments, private sector companies, experts and impact investors."

The program offers the following benefits to the selected WASH innovations:

  • Unique opportunities to work with city governments and other WASH innovations
  • Custom support from government officials, sector experts and investors
  • Showcase your innovation through a high visibility nation-wide program
  • Support to raise funds from companies and impact investors
  • Opportunities to roll out small-scale experiments and pilots

Unlike other Accelerator/ Incubation programs, this program is different in two ways:

  • It provides customized support to each selected innovation depending on its business model, stage of growth and complexity of operations. This means that the same program will offer an early stage WASH innovation with an untested business model a very different nature of growth support than the scale support a more mature WASH innovation wanting to replicate its model with a different city government will receive. In other words, the program will fit to meet the needs of the selected innovations rather than the innovation to fit the program.
  • It is a WASH domain specific program. This would provide an opportunity for the selected WASH innovations to work directly with government officials, companies, experts and investors that have a clear WASH mandate. This means that the program can offer a deep level of sector relevant insights, funding and opportunities that a generic program cannot match. In addition to this, interesting cross-collaboration opportunities may arise between the selected WASH innovations.



Selection Criteria:

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Unique Innovation

offers a differentiated product, service, usage of resources or business model

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Solves Identified WASH Problem

solves one or more of these pressing urban WASH problems


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Through a Market-Based Model

has a clear path to sustainable revenues and growth


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That is Replicable and Scalable

a simple model that can be scaled through governments and other partners


WASH Problem Areas:

Based on our team’s Baseline Study and working with key city government officials, we have identified and prioritized the following 7 urban WASH problems that the IHUWASH Accelerator would focus on. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read these urban WASH problems and to articulate how your business innovation could solve one or more of these problems.
If needed, applicants can also write to us at (or) call us on (+91) 9655 0404 30 to get more details about these WASH problems.

Water Related Innovations:

Safe Drinking Water:

Did you know that around 66%, 37% and 30% of households in the urban cities of NCR, Karnataka and Rajasthan respectively drink untreated (or) unpurified water? We are in search of innovations that make safe drinking water readily available at less than INR 1 per litre for these underserved urban households in Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur. Do you have a business innovation to address this problem? Apply now.

Recovering Water Supply Costs:

Did you know that the Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur city governments are only able to recover 31%, 62% and 18% of their operational and maintenance expenses that they incur while providing water supply services to their cities? We are in search of innovations that can help these city governments improve their cost recovery ratio by detecting unauthorized connections, theft, breakdowns or monitoring their water supply outflow in real time. Do you have a business innovation to address this problem? Apply now.

Last-mile Water Distribution:

Did you know that around 38%, 15% and 23% of households in Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur respectively do not have piped water connections? We are in search of innovations that can help these households to better collect, transport, store, use and reuse their water. Do you have a business innovation to address this problem? Apply now.

Sanitation Related Innovations:

Decentralized and Improved Sanitation Solutions: 

Did you know that up to 40% in certain wards of Faridabad along with 2% and 17% of population in Mysuru and Udaipurrespectively do not have access to improved sanitation systems. These are mostly households in low-income settlements (or) slums that are not connected to the city’s main water and sewer lines. We are in search of innovations that can provide improved sanitation solution designed to safely collect and process fecal waste for these unconnected households/ communities. Do you have a business innovation to address this problem? Apply now.

Improving Public/ Community Toilets:

The Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur city governments like most other cities, open out tenders and contracts for bidders to operate and maintain (O & M) public toilets in prominent public spaces and community toilets in low-income localities. We are in search of innovations that can either reduce the cost-effort of operating and maintaining these toilets (or) significantly improve this toilet - user experiences to eliminate open defecation. Do you have a business innovation to address this problem? Apply now.

Sustainable Fecal Waste Treatment:

It is estimated that around 84%, 33% and 95% of all fecal waste generated in the cities of Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur respectively are not treated in a safe and sustainable manner before disposal? We are in search of innovations that can help these city governments (or) individual households and communities to sustainably treat their fecal waste before disposal. Do you have a business innovation to address this problem? Apply now.

Hygiene & Other WASH Innovations:

Other WASH Innovations:

Does your innovation create the necessary conditions to promote healthy WASH related behaviour changes like using improved sanitation systems, addressing cultural taboos, menstrual hygiene management etc. that can help the Faridabad, Mysuru and Udaipur city governments to improve key WASH indicators? We want to hear from you. Apply now.

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